Adult payment solutions

Adult cross platform decentralized utility token.

on the binance smart chain.

What is Erotica

The way visa and MasterCard have treated the adult industry is not only unfair, it should be considered a crime. It is discrimination at its finest, and other payment providers have joined the notorious insurance companies in their tactics to upsell the world’s most lucrative industry. The porn industry generates over 95 billion dollars yearly and is growing year to year. Centralized payment processors are taking advantage by calling the adult industry high risk and collecting processing fees upwards of 10 to 40% on all transactions. This not only makes it hard for adult websites to profit, but it also limits their abilities to accept payments. On June 1 2015 visa and MasterCard took it upon themselves to cease all payment processing from and all other escort-type websites. Although with any website there are risks in using the service. Their decision was based on a threatening letter received at the time from Tom Dart a cook county sheriff who made false allegations against At any moment payment processors can cease to do business with adult websites if they see fit to do so, with no consequences. The erotica token eliminates that from ever happing to and website ever. The erotica token is a decentralized currency free of government manipulation and oversite. Free of shady payment processors trying to capitalize on the scarcity of adult payment solutions. Any and every adult site worldwide can accept the erotica token as payment for services, tips, and purchases. Erotica is building a custom payment gateway and API that can be integrated into an adult website with ease. API will be an open-source platform and our permission is not needed for it to be integrated and or used. Erotica will open to trading like any other currency and increasing in value. We have the pleasure of being backed by some of the leaders in the adult industry, Who’s platforms today generate billions in revenue.

The Erotica token will be a game-changing payment platform and currency that will protect investments for years to come. As more partnerships are forged, the demand for erotica increases. The Erotica token is deflationary by design, As the supply decreases the value increases. Once we reach our maximum circulating supply the token burns will cease, value will then be determined by supply and demand. With the growth of the adult industry yearly, we are sure that demand will outpace any tokens on the Binance smart chain.

Why the Binance smart chain, As the Binance token is relatively new to the crypto sphere the potential for this currency is by far the best option for our investors. As more tokens are released on the Binance chain the value of the pair increases. Binance is the biggest exchange in the world, we are confident that it will prove to be valuable to all holders. A BNB token is very easy to purchase and with this, you avoid the crazy high gas prices on the Etherium mainnet as well as the slow trading and transfers of bitcoin.

Join us as we lead the way to the future of adult payment systems.



Name: Erotica
Distribution: 15% marketing and development, 30% whitelist                            presale, 40% liquidity, 15% prelaunch burn
Contract: 0x118f073796821da3e9901061b05c0b36377b877e
Supply: 500,000,000,000,000
Purpose: Adult payment solutions API Payment Gateway


May 2021

Team Formation

Marketing team Creation

Partnerships created with adult website owners worldwide

Partnerships created with top adult stars in the world.

Brand ambassadors and celebrity influencers

June 2021

ICO and Put

Token deployment

White list creation

Applications to cmc and coingecko prior to launch

Token Launch on pancakeswap

July 2021

Testing section

Ui design of payment gateway

Integration testing

Token swap website integration for easy access to token by adult website users

Api development

Gateway launch (beta)

Api Launch (Beta)

1st integration done on (

Sept 2021

Here we Go

Implementation of erotica gateway on multiple adult partner websites

Open source Gateway api launch

Open source swap api launch

back to the drawing board

Brand Ambassadors

Erotica is the future of adult payments

Whitelist Request Form

    In order to make the Erotica whitelist you must do the following.

    #1 Invite 5 people to our telegram, Users must be active, our team will verify.

    #2 Tweet the following - @Erotica_pay @sophiedee can't wait for #erotica to launch. Put me on the white list.

    #3 Fill out the form below

    All information must be filled correctly.

    We will release the usernames that made the List on Our official Telegram channel June 15th along with the pre-sale address.

    Limit is 2 bnb per wallet.

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